Why “Grumpy Duck Productions?”

Well it all started with a duck. I didn’t choose Duck – Duck chose me.


There is one thing that is guaranteed when an abandoned Chestnut Teal duckling decides to adopt you – life will never be quite the same again.

We had seven years of laughter, joy and grumpiness before Duck chose to journey on to some new adventures…

I’m Telene Clarke.

I have always been a writer, photographer and storyteller but digital media has opened up a whole new creative way of connecting with people.

Winning a few competitions confirmed for me that what people really connect to is the story – and video is the perfect medium for sharing a story – particularly in today’s digital world.

If you have a message to share, whether your own personal story or one for your business or group, please feel free to contact me.

A story is not really a story until it is shared…


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